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About is committed to providing Better Information Faster, to increase Business profitability, capability and to provide the most cost effective businesses directory advertising on the planet, while giving consumers a better experience.  With more than 289,000 page views and business lookups a month, is the premier internet location for all Alaska businesses. leverages Microsoft technologies including SQL Server 2005 DBMS and Windows Server to provide an ASP.NET directory that puts your business in front of customers.

It is the opinion of authorities in the field that paper phonebooks are extremely expensive to produce and distribute, usage is dropping sharply and consumers have turned online to find business information. Print Directories may soon go the way of the dinosaur.

We are also a full service Alaska-based computing company offering many additional benefits to Alaskan companies including the following:

Web Hosting: Save money on website hosting services through our alliance partners. Working with the premier web hosting company in Alaska enables you to reduce your costs and gain the benefits of the most sophisticated technology available.

Domain Renewal/Registration Services: Save money and reduce your workload by utilizing our complete internet solution support package. Domain purchasing, renewal, website hosting and reporting are all handled for you. Save money and reduce stress by taking advantage of our bulk wholesaler pricing! We are a professional one-stop solution for your Internet needs.

Web Trend Analysis & Reporting: Work smarter by taking advantage of the most sophisticated tracking tools available! These measure the behavior of customers using the internet to do business with you. You receive easy to understand reports. We are the Alaska User-group Coordinator for WebTrends, the world's best-in-class web site tracking system. Make smarter decisions by analyzing what your customers really want from your website and let us help you deliver it!

Web Design: We are a full-service technology company utilizing Microsoft Expression Web, Visual Studio 2005 and SQL Server 2005 to offer you a wide variety of web design services. Get the web design and functionality that drives your business. Whether you want a simple one page website or a full service site including flash technology, database capability, shopping cart functionality or other capability, we can build and service it for you.

Training: has strategic alliances with major training companies in Alaska. Classes are available in a number of subjects covering all major areas of business and technology. Take advantage of best-in-class instruction to increase the performance of your employees and business!

Technology Support Outsourcing Developing in-house expertise in technology support is costly, often ineffective and can distract you from your core business. Outsourcing support services including Microsoft SQL Server 2005 database design, email list management, broadcast fax, web site maintenance with Microsoft Expression Web, search engine placement, custom Microsoft ASP.NET system administration support scripts, hardware support, network administration and other technology services can save you money and frustration. Our services offer preferential alliance partner pricing and can include personalized training services for you or your staff, complete with manuals.

Strategic Alliances: Moving your company forward while expanding the sales and service reach has been accelerated by partnering with best-in-class companies in their respective fields. Shared resources, complementary skill sets and reseller relationships are common elements in all of these negotiations and agreements. As a Web design/application Software Developer we use Microsoft developer tools to offer the most advanced web design, web applications and hosting solutions in Alaska.

Create Additional Revenue: We do the work. You make more money with reseller programs and software that increase your revenues and profits while providing an easy extension of existing customer relationships. You provide additional support to your customers by helping increase their profits and business skills, building a more loyal customer for your business.

Alaskan Jobs: We are an Alaskan owned Company. Alaskan dollars stay in Alaska rather than going to paper mills and top-heavy corporate entities Out-of-State. Our Alaskan technology workers and our staff provide excellent support resulting in easy access to your Company. As a result we are more responsive and available for local one-on-one discussions and projects.

Environmental Savings: Annually more than 600,000 lbs of paper phone books become landfill waste in Alaska. That amount increases with each new directory .

Alaska has the highest computer usage in the country; our on-line business communication model gives Alaska landfills a break.

We are happy to work with you to fulfill the needs of your individual company. Feel free to fill out this form and one of our Customer Service Representatives will contact you at a time convenient to you.

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